As you use the furniture in your home, it can become scratched or dented. It could also sustain structural damage or become unstable. To keep your furniture looking great, consider getting your furniture restored by Arslanian Furniture Restoration. We specialize in a variety of restoration techniques that can bring your old, antique furniture back to life.

Residential Furniture Services

We restore all types of furniture, including couches, desks, chairs and tables. If you have pieces from the 20th or even 19th century, you can count on us to restore the pieces using similar techniques and materials from those times. This allows us to keep your furniture looking authentic and retaining its value.

Couch Restoration

Restoring couches can be difficult depending on their age and the materials that were used in its initial design. We'll do everything we can to find the authentic upholstery materials or replace the materials to give your couch a more modern appeal.

Desk Restoration

Old wood writing desks are functional and add style and beauty to your interior design. Restoring your treasured desk can bring out shine in its finish or bring back its stability to be used for generations to come.

Table and Chair Restoration

Tables and chairs tend to wear out quickly, especially if you eat at the table as a family or host dinner parties often. With our expert chair and table restoration services, you can expect your scratched and dented table to look brand new when we're through. If you find that your chairs are missing parts, we may be able to replace your misplaced or broken pieces.

Whatever piece of furniture you have, give us a call to find out how we can help you with our restoration services.
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