Restaurant Restoration Services

If your restaurant's furniture was damaged by water or smoke, you may think that you'll have to bite the bullet and buy all new furniture. However, our expert restorers have a solution. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may have the ability to restore all of your tables and chairs, keeping costs low.

Coffee Shop Furniture Restorations

Because coffee shops can be busy places, it's no surprise that your tables and chairs may become worn, scratched and dented over time. If your place just doesn't look as bright or clean as it used to, consider restoring your furniture. Coffee shop table restorations include scratch removal and refinishing services. Coffee shop chair restorations may include re-upholstery and stabilizing services.

Retail Store Fixtures

Just like other types of furniture, your store fixtures can wear out over time. We'll work quickly to refinish and repair your fixtures to keep them working properly for you and your customers.

Restoration Services for Small Manufacturing Companies

If you use furniture or retail fixtures as part of your manufacturing process, wear and damage over time should be expected. We'll buff out scratches and dents or refinish your furniture to give your small company the functionality you need and the look you want.

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